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Liverpool by Night

Here are a few pictures from a recent trip to Liverpool, mostly from the Pier Head area.  I snuck out of the hotel and captured some interesting sights.  My previous ramblings around the city were documented here.

The first one was taken out of my hotel window, and the second is a crop of the first, but with the white balance turned down to about 2200.  They were all taken on my d3100 with shutter priority mode at F16 over a long exposure at ISO100.  Hey, enjoy, already too soon!


Photo of the Day: La Rambla, Barcelona, 7pm

This shot of passers by was taken in the still oppressive heat of early evening by a busy news stand (oh how witty – I didn’t know a news stand could take photos!!!). It was shot in RAW format and then given a pop in Topaz Adjust to bring out all those details from the flagstones to the myriad clothing styles worn by these people.

A Gaudi View

Not much to post today, as I’ve been doing other things.  This is a picture from the Gaudi-esque Parc Guell in Barcelona, one of the photos I didn’t get round to posting in my recent Barcelona Fest.  I might crop the right hand side a little bit, but it’s a nice view which sums up the city – you have everything from surreal architecture, through a sweeping hillside view, down to the sea, all in one compact area.

Barca Part 4

This is the final installment of my pictures from Spain.  These were all taken in various markets around the city, primarily the Mercato Boqueria, the central market just off the Ramblas.  From the market in Florence, through to Kirkgate Market in Leeds, you will see that I have a fascination with these indoor marketplaces.  These pictures tended towards the fish section of the market, or more correctly the seafood section.  Because Barcelona is by the sea, the produce sold here is fabulous and very fresh.  Some things were still alive!  I hope you enjoy the photos, even though some of them are, I will warn you, rather gory – don’t read this post directly before your breakfast, dinner or tea.

This old Berkel weighing scale was used to weigh out cured sausages and sliced ham.

Above, not being a fan of crustaceans, I can only guess that these beauties are big prawns, or possibly crayfish.  I don’t know.  But they were still struggling away, whatever they were.

Above: At the market in the Gracia district, this hardware stall made an interesting photo.

Above:  These fierce looking fish were a little eel-like, with savage looking teeth on display.  Not what I would want to find on my plate for tea!

Above: Crabs.  Lots and lots of crabs.  Still very much alive and ready to fight with anybody who wants it!

Above – rather a graphic view of the counter at an offal stall.  When I lived in Huddersfield many years ago, there was a small shop called the Tripe Shop.  It catered for the [mainly elderly] population who were used to eating such choice cuts as tripe, cow heel, windpipe and so on.  It did not survive into the 1990s.  However in mainland Europe, the frugal cultural approach to the animal means that France, Italy, Spain and many other countries that are essentially rural still have a strong tradition of eating every part of the animal.  And as you can see from the picture above, that means every part of the animal – I was taken aback to see skinned sheeps heads, but I understand that they are cooked and provide a lot of meat for 1 Euro 50 cents!

Above: Without wishing to present a photo assignment from an abattoir, this picture shows the elderly boss of a meat dealer’s stall at the edge of the market.  They were hauling in great big beef carcases and cutting them, then presumably the other butchers in the market buy the meat in more manageable sizes to finish cutting.  The carcases were all hung up from hooks which you can see in the background.

Above: Anchovies!  I love these!

And finally, slightly surreal, very gory but strange – you may know that when fishmongers deal with the bizarre looking Monkfish, they refer to their product as ‘monkfish tails’.  That is because the fish has a hard, cartilage-filled head which is all but inedible, as opposed to its meaty rear section.  And so here is a box filled with the heads, cut off and discarded and no doubt bound for the cat food factory.