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Pin Mill in the Afternoon

My daughter is at school quite a way from home, and as a result, when birthday parties occur, there is usually a long drive involved.  Rather than try and get home and then go back again, I find it easier [assuming the weather is decent] to take the camera and find somewhere nearby to take some photos for a couple of hours. Today was just such an afternoon; the dog refused to get into the car, so I could not spend the time walking him.  Instead, I took two sets of pictures.  The first is of Pin Mill, a small hamlet that sits on the south bank of the River Orwell as it flows from Ipswich out to sea at Felixstowe.  The light was very clear today, and the still water provided some great reflections.


A Port through a Polariser, and a forgotten setting!

I went to Felixstowe again today, to try out the circular polarising filter which I bought last week.  This is a filter that basically rids he picture of reflections and enriches the colours and highlights the details in your composition.  I had some great fun, and even managed an HDR shot as well.  However, having now returned home and done some work on some of the shots I took, I couldn’t understand why there was so much noise coming up on the pictures.  I had shot them all in manual mode, and been very careful to appy my new learning to the settings [lower F stop for close ups, higher F stop for greater depth of field].  Then I realised.  I had not checked the ISO setting, which I had last set when doing some sunset shots – it was on a massively high setting and so the pictures are very grainy.  I count this as a lesson and have put it down ‘to experience’……but I’ll share the pictures with you anyway.

Above – a bit overcooked for some tastes, but the result of shooting toward the sunlight using the CP filter and an ND4 grad.

Above: Today’s rather painterly HDR shot, made up of three shots taken on the tripod at -3, 0 and +2 EV exposure compensations.  A bit of advice – ships are a poor subject for HDR – even with a super steady tripod you can’t stop the ship from bobbing around on the water, as I found out here!!!

Above: Please welcome the COSCO Guangzhou, weighing in at 109,000 tons and able to carry, so I understand, 9500 containers.  She is apparently one of the top 10 largest container ships in the world.  I created a duplicate layer in Photoshop, made it B&W, then erased the ship’s shape to bring some colour into it.

Above: You can see what I mean about the noise that selecting the wrong ISO setting creates!  This was passed through Topaz Adjust and I have brought out some interesting colours.

Above: One of the day’s more successful shots – the Landguard Fort which was built to repel German invaders should they have got this far.  Rather sinister in black and white – see how the CP filter has picked out the cloud detail.

So, still lots to learn, then!  Hope you enjoy following me as I do so!!