Through a Glass Darkly

I’d like to post a few images that have been taken as multiple exposures this afternoon, as this is something I have been getting quite interested in.  This style, known as HDR or High Dynamic Range, requires you to take multiples of the same picture [so of course a tripod is mandatory], but whilst at the same exposure/shutter speed, you use the camera’s exposure compensation facility to change the exposure within a defined range [the logic being, the higher the range the more dramatic the effect].  If you’re interested in HDR as a style, and it is very much a ‘love it or hate it’ thing amongst the photography fraternity, due to some rather ‘overcooked’ examples, then I urge you to look at the excellent Stuck in Customs website which contains a lot of resources and examples of HDR photos, as does another good site, Before the Coffee.  You can learn a lot from these sites.

Anyway, these were all taken, surprise surprise, in a coastal village called Orford in Suffolk on a windy but sunny afternoon.  Circular polarising filter used throughout [hence the title], and periodically an ND4 graduated filter also.

Above: These boats were shot with a larger aperture to blur the background a little.

Above: For a true HDR, this is my sharpest attempt yet.  There is some flare from the over exposed shot which I removed using the Photoshop Burn tool.  I have foolishly tried to shoot things like boats and trees before, now realising that these things are prone to MOVE in between shots!


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