After the Rain

Not wishing to set a precedent with two posts in one day, I would like to offer two final evening shots.  It rained heavily this afternoon, and as anybody knows, this normally means you can expect an interesting sunset if the cloud clears.  Tonight’s was quite nice so, after walking the dog and keeping my eye on the horizon, I popped up the road to the next village, about a mile away.  I snapped for about 20 minutes until I got bored/cold, but on the way back, passed the railway station and couldn’t resist taking some shots of the sunset from the platform.  I used a small aperture and a long exposure [6 seconds at f18]  to try and get the starburst effect on the lights.  I rather like it, but apologies to the people at the Kebab van parked next to the station platform, who clearly thought it was quite odd for a grown man to be setting up a tripod and snapping away on an empty platform.  Kind of like a trainspotter in reverse.

There’s something endlessly evocative about train tracks, as they stretch away into the distance and bring on images of travel, distant destinations, possibilities, and the unknown.  Combined with a nice sunset, they make a good lead-in to this picture.

Above: A closer shot of the station building with a similar single – image HDR effect applied.


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