More Boats, Water, but this time less Noise

Last week I posted some photos that I took recently in Felixstowe, where I had used the manual settings on the camera and forgotten to adjust the ISO down from a previous evening sunset photo session.  This resulted in horrible shots with loads of ‘noise’ on the images, and try as I might I couldn’t really salvage them.  A shame, because some interesting subject matter was around and about.  Well, more recently I have returned to the same spot – in fact it’s becoming a bit of a ‘local’ practice ground for me due to the great location and changing views.  This time, I set the levels correctly and got some good shots.  See what you think.

Above; This is one of the first shots I took with my ‘big’ lens – a Nikon 55-200 super zoom.  It really is an awesome lens.  I like this shot, even though it’s riotously ‘busy’!

Above: Another very similar shot to one I have taken several times, this time correctly exposed, and a circular polarising filter taking effect.

Above: A saturated rendering of a picture of the concrete jetty which has an interesting mix of materials, all nicely weather beaten.

Above: I was really pleased with this one.  Another shot with the 55-200mm lens.

Above: Almost looks like the Caribbean, doesn’t it?  No, it’s the dirty, oily River Orwell.  This shot, although the water is interesting, lacks any real interest or lead-in.

Above: My first try at an F4 close up with a blurry background.  In fact, maybe a bit too blurry.

Above: The same shot, but using the whole of the piece of drift wood – which looks a little bit dolphin-like.  I could crop the right hand side a bit and lose the small bit of sand.

Above – taken with the normal lens, as I had left the big one in the car by this point.  It is straining a bit at 55mm, but would have been a nice sunset shot if taken later in the day.

Above: Another rather dramatic shot – you can see these huge cranes from miles away on the horizon; I like the stacks of containers on the right as well.  The UK’s trade deficit in one image.


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