Reflections on a Shiny Floor

Moving from ships to air travel now, I have posted a few pictures below of different stages of a flight from Barcelona to London.  We were waiting in the airport for some time due to a slight delay, so I took my camera and looked for some interest.  You can get some real hassle in some airports if you walk around with a camera, but this one was quiet and no problems occurred.  We weren’t, sadly, in the main [and far more interesting] part of the airport, but you have to make do – the effects of the shiny floors were very interesting.  Then, having eventually hurtled down the runway and into the air, there are a couple of ‘out of the plane window’ shots, the first being over Northern France, the second being a very good view that we had of West London and Battersea Power Station as we descended into Stansted.

Above – the Duty Free shop was a riot of flourescent lighting and colour, all reflected in the lovely shiny floor.

Above: another reflection shot.

Above: I caught Jenny relaxing with her iPhone, whilst also managing to get the outside scene in the same shot.

Above: taken out of the plane window, [you can see the ‘halo’ of the camera lens reflected in the shot] and a little grainy, I still like the look of this.

Above: flying over London.  You can see Battersea Power Station on the left, then to its right, Battersea Park, then moving right and on the other bank is Chelsea Harbour – if you look closely you can see Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea FC, on the far right hand side.


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  1. airports are so exciting!!

    August 30, 2011 at 10:51 am

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