A Port through a Polariser, and a forgotten setting!

I went to Felixstowe again today, to try out the circular polarising filter which I bought last week.  This is a filter that basically rids he picture of reflections and enriches the colours and highlights the details in your composition.  I had some great fun, and even managed an HDR shot as well.  However, having now returned home and done some work on some of the shots I took, I couldn’t understand why there was so much noise coming up on the pictures.  I had shot them all in manual mode, and been very careful to appy my new learning to the settings [lower F stop for close ups, higher F stop for greater depth of field].  Then I realised.  I had not checked the ISO setting, which I had last set when doing some sunset shots – it was on a massively high setting and so the pictures are very grainy.  I count this as a lesson and have put it down ‘to experience’……but I’ll share the pictures with you anyway.

Above – a bit overcooked for some tastes, but the result of shooting toward the sunlight using the CP filter and an ND4 grad.

Above: Today’s rather painterly HDR shot, made up of three shots taken on the tripod at -3, 0 and +2 EV exposure compensations.  A bit of advice – ships are a poor subject for HDR – even with a super steady tripod you can’t stop the ship from bobbing around on the water, as I found out here!!!

Above: Please welcome the COSCO Guangzhou, weighing in at 109,000 tons and able to carry, so I understand, 9500 containers.  She is apparently one of the top 10 largest container ships in the world.  I created a duplicate layer in Photoshop, made it B&W, then erased the ship’s shape to bring some colour into it.

Above: You can see what I mean about the noise that selecting the wrong ISO setting creates!  This was passed through Topaz Adjust and I have brought out some interesting colours.

Above: One of the day’s more successful shots – the Landguard Fort which was built to repel German invaders should they have got this far.  Rather sinister in black and white – see how the CP filter has picked out the cloud detail.

So, still lots to learn, then!  Hope you enjoy following me as I do so!!


2 responses

  1. I have been wanting to buy a polarised filter for so long….. think I should just go do it!!! Thanks for sharing your experiences (& inexperiences)… learning a lot… Cant wait to try some HDR shots (things have been crazy – havent been able to do much shooting!)!! Keep on sharing.. loving it!! **

    August 30, 2011 at 7:03 am

  2. paulmor

    Thanks for your encouragement. The filter is definitely worth buying.

    August 30, 2011 at 7:29 am

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