The Sun Sets on Suffolk

I have mainly been concentrating on learning daylight photography so far, and only recently have I had the chance to try out some evening and night shots.  They are a lot harder than you think initially; simply pressing the button on a point and shoot will get you an image that might be half decent, but when using a ‘proper’ dslr there is clearly a lot for me to learn.  I tried out some sunset shots recently on a newly cut field in Suffolk: these were taken with an ND4 graduated filter and I managed to underexpose them by getting some very strange ISO/F-stop combinations, but using Adobe Camera Raw I have managed to salvage them a little as they were underexposed as opposed to overexposed – it’s surprising what you can pull out in terms of detail from an underexposed photo!

Above: The combination of massive detail in the foreground of these shots combined with a medium ISO has made a lot of noise.  On the one above I also managed to get a reflection aretfact from the filter, which I will need to remove in photoshop.

These were taken hand held, whereas I should really have used the tripod to reduce the possibility of camera shake.  So, further reading of my book on exposure is required, and watch this space!


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