Barca Part 1

After a lull in posting for a week, I have returned with a few pictures from my jaunt to Barcelona.  There will be more, but here is a taster to keep you occupied.

The above image was taken in the market in Gracia.  It shows the pretty stunning light effects from the glass ceiling of the market.

Above: These taxi drivers were standing chatting outside the Sgardia de Familia, Gaudi’s famous unfinished monument and the biggest tourist draw I have ever seen outside most of Florence.  I didn’t realise at the time, but when I sharpened the image later the towers of the famous church were captured in the back door and window of the taxi.

Above: This is a bit of a ‘work in progress’, as I need to remove the halo-ing around the roof and the sky.

Above: Possibly my favourite image from the week.  The street cleaners had just been watering the plants of this street in the Gracia district, taken at about lunch time.

Above: Caught out!  I failed to see the tree and the effect it had on the otherwise simple image – however I quite like the effect that the windscreen gives it!  I need to remove some of the colour ‘fringing’ on the lines on the road.

Above: Another fave, this is a street corner in the Gracia district.

Above: loading beer in to one of the many street bars during the ‘Fiesta Major’ in Gracia.

Above: I liked this tall house, and again am guilty of some haloing of the sky which I need to remove.

Above: One of my night time photo attempts; the fiesta meant that the streets were all lit from lights dangled across them at about 10 feet high – in addition to the street lights above them this made it incredibly difficult to get a correct exposure, even using a high ISO.  Oh, and these are little individual potted lettuces, if you’re wondering!

Above: You’ll be seeing a lot more of the Mercato de Boqueria, the central market, which has some amazing stalls selling edible things and creatures of every description.  Including sheeps heads.

Above: The green lights on this restaurant in Barcelonetta were attractive.


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