Making the Most of a Sunny Day

Today has, at last, seen the cloud disappear temporarily.  In its place was bright sunshine, so I took my camera in my Carradice handlebar bag, and shot some interesting things on my 31 mile ride through the wilds of north Suffolk.

Above: Down a little lane near Botesdale, in the wilds of North Suffolk, I found these pylons stretching into the distance and decided to try and get a nice geometric shot of them.  I used F10 in aperture priority mode and employed an ND4 Grad filter to darken the sky.With a little processing in PS, I rather like the results.

Above: Stopping for a rest, I liked the old wooden gate and the view behind it, which I have applied a detail effect to in Topaz Adjust.

Above: I rode past this shot on the way out, and considered stopping but couldn’t be bothered.  Then I happened to come the same way on the return leg and stopped to take it.  The field has been partly harvested and I love the way the lines all lead up to the tree on the horizon.  Some nice clouds were appearing by this time, as it was about 11 am.


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