Off the Rails

As today is yet another overcast, dull day, shooting options are limited so here from my archives is a small set of photos taken at a local light railway.  I like trains as subjects for photographs, although not in the anorak-and-sandwich-box-on the end of the platform kind of way.  Especially old, decommissioned and decaying trains, come to think of it.  Please try and forgive the blown out sky on these, as they were shot on a cloudy but bright day in December at a time when I was not ‘au fait’ with how to use light properly [not that I am now to be honest!].  But I like them in their own imperfect way.





One response

  1. Love your B&W shots! And I do like the imperfectness you mentioned. I mean, you photographed old abandoned trains so if you didn’t mention about the imperfectness, I’d know and complain nothing about it.

    August 13, 2011 at 1:16 pm

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