A Barn Find

Some years ago, my father was phoned up by an old boy who wanted to sell him a couple of old cars.  He reckoned that they were easily ‘restorable’ and wanted a ripe old price for them.  I jumped at the chance to go along and see, and as always I took my [at the time, basic compact] camera along with me.  We arrived at the old chap’s bungalow, which had a huge garden at the back, with lots of old outbuildings.  Covered by an old tarpaulin sheet, we found this car – an old Alvis ‘Grey Lady’ from the 1950s.  It was absolutely rotten.  The tarpaulin was pretty much all that was holding the poor old thing together.  It had sat there, in his wet garden, for years slowly rotting away.  I decided tonight to pore over these photos again, and see what i could do in PS to make them look a little more lively.  Bear in mind the images aren’t great to start with, but I like the effects, and the story they tell.

Above: I tone mapped this front view of the car in Photomatix.

Above:  Alvis’ of this era had a characteristic grille, which was chromed, with a beautiful brass radiator.

Above: The interior – a lovely red leather colour scheme ruined by time’s passage, the big old wooden steering wheel covered in cobwebs.

Above: The rotten front end, a real shame that such a beautiful machine ended up like this.

Postscript: I believe, although I can’t be certain, that somebody did actually buy the car eventually.  Whether they did anything with it, I am not sure.  Slideshow here.


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