Some more Southwold studies

I’ve been working through the photos I took at the harbour recently.  Some are interesting when you take the time to look at them – and I have picked out three more which I have done some editing to.  I hope you enjoy the results of my wandering around in the humid sunshine.

The first one, above, was taken using the tripod and darkened by reducing the exposure a slight amount in Camera Raw.  Looks moody and brooding, which the east coast is very good at, especially in winter [although now it is, of course, summer!].

Above: if it hadn’t been for all the twisted scrap metal and the masts/telegraph poles/wires, this would have been a classic!  Before you say, I know that this is a very cluttered composition.  I couldn’t do much about it, but I shot it anyway because I loved the boat so much.  And cloning is not going to leave a realistic image if I try to remove all that clutter!

Above: This shot of the windscreen of the crane truck was treated to some shadow reductions and contrast adjustments so that previously hidden detail in the underside of the crane jib is now shown.

I also bought, as an aside, some very pleasant Adnams American Pale Ale, one of which is in the fridge right now.


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