High Church, Low Beer

Bury St Edmunds, besides being the town I call home [although I live outside the city walls as it were], has two lengthy traditions.  One is as a centre of ecclesiastical activity, having been the seat of a powerful monastery since the time of Sigebert in the mid 600’s.  As a result, the town now boasts the impressive Abbey ruins, and the lovely Cathedral, and countless other historic aretfacts charting its often prominent position in the history not only of the kingdom of East Anglia, but also of Britain itself.  The other is the Westgate Brewery, home of Greene King.  These two facts may seem like polar opposites, but in fact the monastery had a tradition of brewing for many years, and as such the links are stronger than just the facsimile of the Abbott on Greene King’s logo.  On a cloudy and sunny August evening, I wandered the streets and took a few photographs in the twin themes of ale and prayer.


Above: The Norman Arch at the base of Churchgate Street fights with the Cathedral Tower for centre stage in the photo, with a dramatic sky in the background.

Above – the view of the sunset on the honey coloured stone of the Cathedral’s new tower, using a tone mapped image from Photomatix [not a true HDR, because it’s just one image!  Forgot the tripod!].


Above: And then, crashing down from our celestial musings amongst lofty spires, we find a lovely stainless steel tanker trailer being drained of something beery in Westgate Brewery.  I liked the horizontal cylinder and the opposing vertical ones above it, as well as the peeling paint on the right hand wall.  But I’m like that.

Above: the same building, but seen from above with clouds of steam emitting from the roof.  This had to be in black and white for that industrial look.

Go now in peace, my friend, with the equally traditional flickr show.


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