Eye of the Storm

I’m sitting at the Mac whilst outside a full-on summer thunderstorm rumbles away.  This morning, however, it was a different story – out the door at 8.30am, I rode my Thorn 51 miles through North Suffolk and a little bit of Norfolk in 28 degree heat.  I took some photographs, although I’m a little bit nervous of taking the camera in my handlebar bag…..never a problem when I had a little compact!


Above is a close up shot of the contents of my handlebar bag, which is the stowage for my camera as well.  Must be careful not to get splashes of Lucozade on the lens!

Above – I had to stop, turn back and snap this old oak tree.  The great thing about cycling with a camera on board is that you can just stop and snap whenever a nice image comes into eyesight.

Above is a shot of the Thorn on a timber bridge, with a nice bit of English park land behind.

Above – the Thorn outside the Cherry Tree in Yaxley, just before I had to take my life in my hands and cycle half a mile along the dreaded A140 trunk road to go further east.

Now, my legs are really sore, but a lovely long ride in weather so good that it’s criminal to miss it!

Flickr show here.


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