Southwold Harbour [reprise]

Last week, I spent a very lovely day in and around the Suffolk seaside town of Southwold.  Once you have fought your way past the Boden-clad hordes on the main street, the town reveals some real interest.  Not least amongst this classification is the harbour – from which I have stolen a few images.  My quest for Neutral Density filters has led me to a Cokin ND filter set – big, square, glass filters which you slot in to your normal lens cover to get a strategic darkening of the sky, which in coastal situations such as this is the solution to the problem of flaring bright skies.  I have also experimented with the manual settings on the camera for the first time, and am currently struggling to understand the ISO, F-stop etc etc.

Above: this one was a bit of a ‘wow’ moment when I edited it – shooting broadly speaking into the sun, with soft graduated filter, I just banged up the saturations in PS.  I have had some useful feedback on this pic, mainly that it’s a little cluttered and could do with tidying up a bit [see bottom right corner for example], and that it’s got a blue colour cast [tint] which makes all the colours look slightly washed out.  So last night I edited it again in Photoshop Elements, and got this, below:


Above – right.  Kicking off matters with a rather nice long shot of some beach huts.  When I walked up to them, they had the obligatory ugly Land Rover Discoveries, no doubt with Islington parking permits in the windscreens, parked without.  But, using my educated mind, I simply strolled ’round the back’ and got this shot with a soft filter, darkened in PS.  I also used PS to remove a rather excessive blue colour cast.  And if you ‘get’ the link, i’ll buy you a beer.

Above – the shop, with saturation layer enhancement of the plastic jink piled up outside.

Above: I went a bit too far with the red filter in this picture, because the sky has picked up a reddish hue which overdoes the effect a bit, I think.

Above – a B&W rendering of a shot originally made in colour, but I liked it more in monochrome.  It seems to reveal the detail of the old wooden shack a bit more.

Above – The Sole Bay Fish Company, an organisaton owned and run by fish.  I used the graduated filter for the sky and darkened it some more in PS, then painting out the building and foreground with a black brush.

Above: It’s that caravan again! Not filtered, but well and truly hammered in PS!

Above: The truck and tractor are used to pull boats in and out of the water on trailers.  There is a lot of blue in this photo, which dominates.

Second in this series is a shot through the windscreen of the crane, with a filtered sky in the background.  Obviously the light through the windscreen is inaccurate – but again I like the sense of luminence it gives the picture.

Above: Finally, a deliberately over exposed b&w rendering of a doorway shot.

Flickr slideshow here. [these are obviously not the quality that they were shot in, but the RAW’s will take half a day to download….]


2 responses

  1. Nice choice of subjects.

    July 30, 2011 at 8:26 pm

  2. mewithmycamera

    love the b&W house

    July 30, 2011 at 11:27 pm

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