A Summer Stroll with Mr Wilson

These pictures were taken in bright afternoon sunshine in Huddersfield, a place I have posted about before.  I thought that, because the weather was good, I would use Harold Wilson’s statue as a foregound for some views of the railway station, plus also another shot of my old favourite ugly building, the derelict St Peter’s.

Above: The sky is horribly over exposed in the top left corner, due to the angle of the sun and my lack of a graduated filter.  However, apart from that, I like it!!  I reduced the exposure using a brightness/contrast layer, the used a black brush to bring light back onto the statue.

Above: a black and white rendering of a colour image.

Above: The light was falling perfectly on the western facade of the St Peter;s building, and I added a layer with reduced brightness, which I painted out on the building to give the effect of an even more threatening sky.  I rather like the effect this has created; the brutal look of the derelict building and its inappropriate location in the town are enhanced by the thundery clouds.

Finally, the Head of Steam, a fine real ale pub within the station building.  The colours of the flowers, sky and the warm Yorkshire stone are ripe for exploitation.

Soz! Here’s the Flickr slideshow link!!


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