The English Summer by the Seaside

Some more tentative experiments with the new camera – this time on a trip to Walberswick and Southwold, an hour’s drive away on the east coast.  Today was a cloudy, overcast day but I got some interesting shots nonetheless.  This part of the country is quite lovely in an unspoilt, genteel, tea and cake-on-the-pier kind of way, which by the way is exactly what we did.

Above – as soon as i saw this old caravan behind a shed I knew what this photo would look like – the combination of green, red and blue was irresistible.  Crank them up.

Nobody can go to Southwold and not take arty looking pictures of the famous beach huts, which allegedly change hands for the price of a terraced house ‘oop north’.  So I have included two such pics.


This ol’ Suffolk boy was fishing at the end of the pier, and had erected a windbreak to sit behind.  Unfortunately for his fishing, he had taken 40 winks.  Which was probably what he had in mind all along.

In an attempt to be arty, I simply ‘colourized’ this image using a hue/sat layer, which was rather effective I think.

Finally, above, I went a little bit mad and enhanced the saturation of the yellow to give the effect of artificial lights inside the red hut [there weren’t actually any].  I also erased several people who had the damned cheek, frankly, to be sat on their porches, ‘Deliverance’ style!

Flickr slideshow here.


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