New Brighton Beach via Photoshop

I took a stroll on New Brighton beach recently, with my dog-walking buddy and occasional FR contributor Mark.  Whilst he threw sticks for his tenacious dog friend, I snapped a few shots which I have since played about with in Photoshop.  For the more technical amongst you, I shot them in jpeg format, and exploited the colours via hue/saturation layers in PS.

There are some great colours in these shots.  The one above of an old sewer pipe had the ultra green lichen and the oxidisation on the metal, as well as a bleaching effect on the sand at the bottom.

Above – a study of the rust that has been washed off the metal plate over time and become part of the surface of the rock.  Crank up the red saturation and…presto!

Above: One of my faves, this symmetrical view of the staircase to the promenade with some nice deep coloured sand.

And finally, these concrete pillars which are green with algae on the visible surface, but there is quite a depth to the scene because of the ‘hidden’ chamber behind the pillars, which I have picked out by upping the light.

The tidal barriers above were full of interesting textures.

Above is a tidal pool that had formed in the sand during the retreating tide.  It looks like a tropical island as seen from a plane!

Flickr slideshow of full size images.


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