Rite in the Rain

There are, in everybody’s life, rare moments when you find yourself needing to write something down in hostile conditions.  It may be that you have been given an irresistible phone number while walking home in a rainstorm, or you may have an urge to note down a rare species of fish whilst snorkelling.  In both cases, with traditional paper, you will be defeated.  Even if you have the presence of mind to use a pencil as opposed to a temperamental ink pen, the sharp point will inevitably pierce the paper you are trying to inscribe, leading to an almost certain gnashing of teeth.

Fearing this situation in a very mild way, but actually just rather taken with this curious item, I recently acquired a little journal to keep in my rucksack – a Rite in the Rain journal, to be exact.  It is one of those rare items which does exactly what it says on the cover – it allows you to write on the paper therein whatever the weather.  And it looks rather nice too.


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