Now it’s spring…..time for wooly hats!

Maybe it’s because of the rapid decline of hair on my head, but I am finding myself increasingly interested in hats.  I always wear one while riding, especially, but not exclusively, at this time of year.  So I have recently found a couple of sale bargain bin deals that have become purchases, which I felt the need to share with you.  I’d like to say up front that I revel in my geek credentials, as I hope this post confirms.

This handsome creature is a fairisle wool hat from Highland 2000, who are a very small business based in Nottinghamshire.  What is interesting, however, is that you have hitherto been unable to buy their woolen goodness in the UK, the entire production having been shipped Japan.  It is only due to the efforts of the excellent Superdenim in York that a small batch of these hats have been put on sale in the UK.  The one below is plainer, [no bobble…], but the same thick wool construction, made on a hand frame I believe.

Yes, it seems that the Japanese are absolutely crazy for certain things, not just clothes, but items that have a clearly ‘British’ aura about them.  That’s as may be, although I can confirm that it’s a supremely comfortable and warm hat, more than up to the job of a cold walk or ride.  And that’s what it’ll be used for, which kind of makes me wish that after months of moaning, the cold weather could come back for a day or two!


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