Riding again

I fitted in a lunch time ride which saw me notch up 30 quite brisk miles today.  Guilty at having been quite lax last week, primarily because of work, I have been suffering from a bit of a cyclist’s block in the last few weeks.  I think it’s general disenchantment at the lingering winter, but now we have light evenings I like to think it’s sorted out.

The weather was kind today, the chilliness of the weekend having abated somewhat to give a fresh but bright day.  Not much of a wind either which was nice.  I did a rough approximation of one of my stock routes, which takes me past RAF Honington where I used to go swimming at Primary School!  There are quite a few exposed bits on this ride, because we have quite a few fens here in East Anglia, which are in effect open, flat areas often with large areas of water.  It’s a little but like Holland or Belgium really, windy but lacking hills.

Stopping for a quick drink break, I saw not one but two hares; they can be seen quite often in March, and the boxing thing really happens, although not in an organised fashion.

All in all a nice, two-hour spin and an opportunity for me to try out the panorama feature on the new Fuji:


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