Another Green World

I’ve got to make the most of this weather.  When you cycle through the winter, it attunes your senses very finely to the conditions, such that cold, dark and wet become the default settings.  Obviously, riding keeps you sane and instills you with a feeling of general well-being, but there can be no mistake – by late February I for one am desperate to get rid of winter and start enjoying warmth and sunshine.  You know how it is – by the time February’s chilly grip has loosened, you can’t believe that it will ever be warm again.  But now it is – for a while.  So I took some time on my ride this morning to capture some of the sights of spring.


One response

  1. You’re spot-on about February; I couldn’t agree more! Although winter does drag on sometimes, the changing seasons are wonderful as your photos prove.

    March 26, 2011 at 9:56 pm

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