The price of pork

As I mentioned in the New Year Round Up recently, I was intrigued by the wordpress stats that told me a lot of casual visitors to the site arrived via various Google searches, one of which is the word ‘Pigs’.  This is because I posted a ride report quite a while ago when I mentioned passing a field full of the pink, curly-tailed chaps.  Now far be it for me to cast aspersions on those amongst us to whom matters porcine are of primary importance.  but I would have thought that, were I a pig farmer for example, I would search on ‘Suffolk Black’ or ‘Gloucester Old Spot’ as opposed to the generic ‘Pigs’.  Still, each to their own.

To please those of you with scant interest in cycling, but for whom a Saddleback causes the twitching of a snout, I would like to present some photos from my ride of today – a glorious sunny late January morning ride, albeit savagely chilly.  As I go towards the Norfolk border I pass a large outdoor pig farm, and so here is the Thorn posing in front of a fine looking porker.


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