Pic of the Day – first of 2011 [plus reflections on the year gone].

I have today emerged from my bed after some 48 hours of intense, weird swine-flu type illness.  It was the kind of feeling so ably summed up by the Great Mark E. Smith as ‘you know when you’re really ill, and you think you’re going to die, and everything’s really big…..’.  So, no New Years Eve revelry for yours truly – and this is my first post of the new year.  Because of my befuddled state of mind, it is just some nice photos of my NYE ‘goodbye to 2010’ ride, a couple of hours after which I succumbed.  More soon.

Bike thoughts first, then:

The RST has proven itself to be my definitive bike, ever.  I feel like I have finally got it right – the change in frame size is the cause.  It inspires complete confidence to ride, the position is perfect, and the gearing is beginning to break in nicely now.  I have added a minimum of useful extras – a computer is back on, because although I went without one for a few months it does give useful distance and average speed information.  The rear rack and rackbag are just right for long rides, holding tubes, levers and emergency energy gels.  [all the old Carradice stuff is gone, partly because it was becoming an expensive obsession, and partly because this Topeak bag does just the same job for a better price, and has a neat mounting system on the rack too].  And the lighting, now provided by Busch und Müller, has made a vast difference to winter riding as I have commented recently. 

Riding thoughts:

2010 was a landmark year for cycling as far as I was concerned.  I completed my first century ride in May, and then in September I rode up Holme Moss twice on consecutive days.  Oh, and of course, I got a tandem too, and learnt to ride it!!!Bring on some more excitement in 2011!


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