Another day where riding is called off – this time not due to snow, but ice.  I rode on Thursday in the pouring rain, and it was wonderful.  The temperature was around 5 degrees C, and the wind was noticeable, but in my waterproofs I was snug and warm.  I’m glad I did go out; at this time of year you have to grasp every opportunity as if it were your last.  By mid afternoon on Thursday the temperature plummeted; by the next morning everything had frozen, including 12 hours’ worth of rainfall on every horizontal surface.

Sometimes I hate the winter.

I just went out on the bike, in minus 5 degrees C, and made 150 yards before I gave up.  Busy pre-Christmas roads plus sheets of ice make for a lethal mixture in a car, let alone on a bike.  So I amused myself by taking some photos of my muddy Thorn instead.  I hope you like them!


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