Full of Beans

My love of a reviving coffee is well documented here.  Yet it has been some time since I have been moved to write a post about it.  I guess that there is only so much one can write about a legal soft drug before descending into self indulgence.  But I thought a short post and a picture today might act like a shot of caffeine to my readership, beaten down and sluggish as you no doubt are as you struggle to survive the onslaught of Siberian weather that has afflicted our island now for a week.

So I am pleased to present a short note that I received recently from fellow Thorn owner Dave Streek.  We both ride a similar bike – the Raven Sport Tour which I allude to on this blog at times.  Dave, however, also shares my love of a good cup of coffee.  Which is fine.  There is nothing like making a small, hot cup of decent espresso on returning from a ride to perk up one’s spirits and restore a robust view of life.  Indeed, as a recent article in Cycling Plus magazine noted, the ‘Coffee Stop’ is an institution of Sunday mornings as far as cyclists are concerned.

However, Dave takes it one step further.  You see, eschewing the possible accusations of pretension that may be levelled at those in the two-wheeled fraternity seen hanging out in coffee bars when they should be cycling, he stops and makes his own coffee ‘en route’.  He explains:

“Seems we have similar tastes and thought I’d share my secret weapon for long distance riding:

I can brew a fresh pot, including the gathering of a handfull of twigs, in about 10 minutes.”

what could be more civilised? Anybody out there brew their own real ale while cycling?


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