I Finally got Sole….

A long time ago, I posted an article about my search for cycling shoes of the traditional variety.  I had opted for a pair of leather flat soled shoes, made by Quoc Pham, a shoemaker from London who had recently launched a small range, initially to cater for the Capital’s burgeoning fixed wheel trendies.  My reasoning was different; being a non-cleat and spd rider, I wanted a pair of shoes that would fit into toe clips and also allow me to walk off the bike.  The shoes, which I bought from Mosquito Bikes in London, are still in use; I rode with them this week, albeit with a stout pair of neoprene overshoes to keep out the cold.  But my only gripe is that the soles are VERY thin, and so they are a bit limited in terms of temperature!  I wear my Exustar Stelvios when it gets really cold.

At October’s Bike Show in London, Quoc Pham launched a new variant on the cycling shoe – and it looks from the pictures like he has hit on a good design.  The new shoe, the Touring, is a similar upper, made beautifully by hand in top quality leather, but with a far more chunky and robust looking sole.

As you can see from the picture above, the Touring is a really fine looking cycling shoe.  But it also has a sole which contains a recessed cleat mounting, so you can ride it with clipless pedals if you really must.

The shoe, which also features a neat reflective strip on the rear, is going to be launched in January/February 2011, and you can expect to pay around £150 per pair – a step price for cycling shoes, but remember that these are hand-made from the best quality leather and, with proper care should last as long as your bike!

Click here to see the stockist list.


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