Ergon Ergonomic Pedal PC-2

Rather like Ivor Cutler’s saucer, bicycle pedals seem to have the worst role of all components.  Overlooked, low to the ground meaning that they spend their lives muddy, abused and wet, the pedal nonetheless has a vital role to play.

And, as anybody who has ridden a bike since kid-hood will realise, their design hasn’t really changed in the last 100 years or so.  Before you sqwawk ‘well, what about the clipless pedal, then, doombrain!’, I must point out that such items simply do not feature on my radar.  After some painful and embarrassing incidents involving feet stuck to pedal and falling over, I swore blind to revert to good old toe clips and straps.

So, imagine my delight when I picked up what Ergon are doing – having revolutionised handlebar grips with the classic GP1, they have now turned their logical German minds to the humble pedal and come up with a thing of beauty – the flat pedal PC2.

This is a bit of machinery which has already won an award at the 2010 Eurobike, and is due for release about now [prices to follow, but pitched in the US at $69, so I would guess about the same in Pounds!!].  It is a composite pedal body, with an ergonomic, slip-free foot area and a large Busch & Muller reflector on the rear.  Ergon claim that the large surface area, which maximises the contact point between foot and pedal, makes for more efficient riding.  It comes in two sizes, small and large.  Get the PDF information sheet here.  But don’t read it with a hangover – it is the most lurid shade of green I have ever seen.


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  1. Did you ever try a set?

    September 8, 2011 at 12:59 pm

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