Tour of Britain Race Report

I’d like to end the week with a report on the Tour of Britain 2010, which this morning set off from Bury St Edmunds on the route to Colchester. Long-term readers will maybe recall a post I made a long time ago concerning the ’91 Tour, which I attended at the top of Holme Moss, back in the day.

Having got up early and fitted in a bike ride before work, I was alerted to the fact that the race started locally, and so decided for the benefit of my readership to get down to the start and grab some photos of Brad and the guys as they made their town centre start.  You know the kind of thing.

However, as you can see from the photos, I was about 30 minutes too late, and by the time I got there the organisers were clearing up.  Which is, by extension, the story of my life.  Enjoy the pictures; the one positive thing is that, en route to grab a double espresso and a bacon bap, I got chatting to a fellow who was locking up a really nice, vintage Thorn Audax Brevet to a Thorn Club Tour – so not a completely wasted morning.


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