Moving amongst exalted company

That means me – the idea being ‘I feel I am moving amongst….’ – which is a pretentious, slightly obscure and roundabout way of introducing the fact that there are others of considerable note who also delight(ed) in the sublime experience of riding a hub-geared bike which owes its existence to one Bernhard Rohloff.

I just wanted to try and make some kind of (flimsy at best) link between my previous post on the new bike (see below – I am too tired to bother putting in a hyperlink to the article as I blew up on a ridiculously frantic 30 mile ride this evening) and the late, great Sheldon Brown.

You see, back in the middle years of the decade, Sheldon got wise to the Rohloff gear hub and added a Thorn Raven Exp [the bespoke model] to his collection. You can read all about it here  he sums it all up far more eloquently than I could. Sadly, he was forced to sell it in 2007 due to his eventually terminal health problems.

Note the typically Sheldon touches, such as an ambitious 52 tooth chainring, two sets of handlebars [!!!] and at one point, a fairing.


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