An unusual route to art

One of the interesting qualities of the internet is its’ ‘web’ – like nature.  Tim Berners-Lee was quite right to imagine the internet as a vast web – whilst you might decide to start your browsing at Google, who knows where it will lead?  When I am browsing a website, I always make a point of looking at the ‘links’ page, if there is one.  This is because I find it more revealing about the individual or company whose website I am viewing than almost everything else.  It’s a bit like being able to secretly meet their friends….

And so it was today that I was combining my loves of things German with my love of bicycle engineering by viewing Rohloff’s website (   For those of you who don’t know about Rohloff, they are an engineering firm based in Kassel, Germany, which makes the famous Rohloff speedhub – a 14-speed internally – geared hub which is possibly the finest example of over-engineering and typically uncompromising Deutsch precision that money can buy in the cycling world.  And so I clicked on the ‘links’ page and found a veritable mine of information that straight away marked Rohloff out as My Kind of People.  They like Linux, freeware, cycling (obviously), plus a host of other things you’ll have to discover for yourself.

But one of the links I diverted down was the website of a local photographer, Jens Hartmann.  His website is nothing short of remarkable; a vast online gallery of stylistic photographs of all kinds.

The views are often based on the sights in the town of Kassell, but other German locations feature too.  His work has an amazing, almost painted quality about it that is vastly more original and effective than your typical photographer.  Check out the galleries and also let Rohloff send you to some other interesting places on the web.


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