Pic of the Day – no.7 in an occasional series

Today’s pic of the day, which I am selecting after a quite invigorating 37-mile ride in SUNSHINE, continues yesterday’s theme of cargo bikes and all things car-replacement-type machinery!  This is a Surly Long Haul Trucker, which is a similar kind of beast (in standard form) to my Thorn Audax.  However this rider has added the xtracycle Free Radical extension I mentioned yesterday, making a supremely cool and practical car replacement.  Enjoy, and keep on truckin’!

Postscript – clicking on the link for the xtracycle above will reveal something to you that is very cool and which I had not fully appreciated until today.  xtracycle have made the design of their Free Radical bike extension ‘open source‘ in a very ‘linux’ kind of way, which I think is marvellous.  There are all sorts of adaptations of the general concept, including a mobile pet salon!


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