Street Art for a rainy Bank Holiday

Well, the weather may be acting true to form, meaning no riding today for me, but I have something slightly different to post today. I don’t know about you, but I find cycling to be the best possible way of connecting to the world around you.  I love taking in the sights, sounds and occasionally smells of the countryside as I ride through it.  And it is often said that, apart from the obvious Darwinian need to preserve oneself, there is little to interest a rider in the big city in terms of diverting scenery.  However, you only have to look in the right places.

I have stumbled upon a web-based record of the works of a guy who is known to everybody but his mother as Slinkachu.  He practices various interesting forms of guerilla street art, including the ‘Little People’ project.

Little people is a street-based and randomly occurring series, whereby Slinkachu places small, painted figures the likes of which every child of the 60’s and 70’s has played with in countless war games, in situations that he has found on the


One  of Pete Dungey's pothole flower installations

One of Pete Dungey's pothole flower installations

In concept it’s rather like the work of Pete Dungey, better known as the pothole flowers guy who was reported on in various cycling blogs and mags recently, and who also has a website detailing his exploits, but far more interesting in my mind.

So, for example, Slinkachu leaves a foil container of chicken korma abandoned by some bins – it looks like the result of somebody’s drunken journey home, we presume.  But he has created it himself – the ‘curry’ is a model – and it has two tiny figures, one sitting on a piece of chicken, one seemingly drowning in the gloopy sauce.  To most peoples’ eyes, it would be a bit of careless litter, another turn of the ‘broken society’ ratchet.  But this is actually an art installation in aid of the Skullduggerous charity show for the Bhopal Medical Appeal, at Pure Evil Gallery.  I like the idea of Little People – the way it turns the most incongruous space into something quite thought-provoking.

Chicken Tikka Disasta

Chicken Tikka Disasta

Check out his works in detail at


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