The legend of John Boultbee Brooks in Glorious Multimedia

Those of you reading this publication on a regular basis will know of, and hopefully some of you will share, my love of fine leather saddles from Brooks of Smethwick – frankly the most comfortable thing to seat oneself on whilst riding long distances.

Hell for Leather!

Hell for Leather!

I have attempted to gather together a directory of the best of the web in terms of how these wonderful saddles are made, because the manufacturing process  is frankly as interesting as the end product – the hand hammering of the rivets, the massive old machines cranking out the springs, and so on.

This will be added to as I go along, but here are a few links to be going on with – categorised under the relevant headings:

1. Audio – The Bike Show on Resonance FM

Blazing Saddles – Inside the Brooks Factory

2. Pictures and Text – Wired Magazine

A Tour Inside the Brooks Saddle Factory

Six things you should know about Brooks Saddles

3. Video – Woolypigs Channel

Various videos of Brooks Factory Tour

4. Images – Flickr – Brooks Saddles Pool

A set on Flickr



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