Baa Baa

One of the symptoms of increasing age is that my head is covered more and more sparsely as time goes by; this is an irreversible process, and one that has certain implications, not least of which being the intense cold that I feel atop my head while riding in the cooler part of the year.

I have sought (and found, if you will permit me) a material that makes me feel comfortable and warm in the head area.  Supplied in perpetuity by obliging sheep, merino wool is the main constituent of my beloved, yet eccentric, Walz tartan cap.  This, the veritable prince of two-wheeled headwear, is a hat that hides ear covers and a neat peak within its Scottish-hued expanses, awarding me at the same time a certain ‘old-school’ charm.

But for the coming milder seasons, I have recently invested in a new beret – an Enduro Baa Baa merino flat cap, if you don’t mind.

Sustainable, sheep-donated and chic

Sustainable, sheep-donated and chic

This is a hat which combines lightness with the temperature-regulating qualities of natural fibres, these being the seemingly irreconcilable twin abilities to both warm and cool the wearer dependent upon the prevailing weather conditions.

I wore the Baa Baa on Sunday on a 43 mile outing, and at the point where the photo was taken (stylish and brooding, isn’t it), the cap was literally dripping with sweat, the previous two hours having been solely concerned with pedaling against a rather lively north-easterly breeze.  The material draws the sweat away nicely and still keeps me warm, when when somewhat wet.  It complements the Shutt woolen jersey rather nicely too – there’s an idea, guys – being based in Yorkshire you ought to have a flat cap in your line up!

There seems to be a range of similar caps, modeled upon the attitude of the rider concerned.  By this I mean that the younger, hipper crowd might want to wear the beanie cap version, whereas my tendency to tweediness demands that I embrace a flat cap – although it could pass as a beret at a meeting of earnest socialists in Paris, I imagine.

And so, it simply remains for me to remark – Chapeaux!


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