Shoes and Tweed again

Regular readers of this blog may recall about this time last year, as I remember, I posted on the Tweed Cycling Club and their dedication to matters sartorial and bicycling.  Later, I also made a flurry of posts about my purchase of a pair of Qouc Pham’s excellent cycling shoes.  Well, in the satisfying and unpredictable way that seems to be the nature of the internet. the two subjects are now united.

The Tweed Run Poster

The Tweed Run Poster

How so? You might sneer, wondering aloud how a bunch of mustachioed and betweeded bikers might find modern shoes to be relevant and attractive?  Well, I am a public service and I am here to tell you how.

Quoc Pham Tweed Run specials

Quoc Pham Tweed Run specials

The 2010 Tweed Run is all about to happen.  And, as part of the general celebrations, Quoc Pham has made a limited run of special shoes just for the event.

Now before we look at said shoes and luxuriate in their qualities, it behoves me to provide a link to a pictorial background about the nature of the Tweed Run.

This may prove a little too retro for some of you, and indeed the thought of wearing such gear in rural East Anglia whilst riding such a style of bicycle would doubtless mark you out as somebody trying to poach game birds and therefore be liable for arrest.  However, it does provide the setting for an apparently riveting display of vintage British machinery such as Holdsworth, Hetchins, Raleigh, Mercian and so on.

I have to say that I’m personally not sold on the idea of shelling out several hundred quid for a Rapha tweed suit to ride my bike in. But the shoes, yes……


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