Wooly update

If you are one of the growing number of regular readers (my flock, we might call it in the context of this post!) then you will recall my recent musings on the supplier of quality sport wool cycling jerseys, Shutt VR.  Being an individual and having a strong mind of your own, which is a prerequisite of enjoying this renegade blog, will mean you probably have an interest in such purveyors of quality kit, as opposed to being sheep-like.

The company now has an updated website, from where you can view and purchase their expanded range of clothing.  Take a look, because it’s very good, British made stuff.

A quick running report on my purchases may, in the absence today of any real cycling news, be appropriate.  I’ve used the No5 Jersey a couple of times in the last week, in conjunction with my staggeringly warm tights from Tudor Sports.  Initial impressions?  Well the fit and comfort are first-rate.  It’s nice to feel something natural against my skin instead of horrible, shiny lycra.  The zip, while feeling quite delicate, is actually easy to use.

Shutt VR Jersey

Shutt VR Jersey

In terms of riding comfort, it’s good.  The main thing you notice about the sportwool fabric, apart from its ability to breathe and keep you warm/cool as the conditions dictate, is that you don’t end up soaking and cold like you do with a lycra jersey.  It ‘wicks’ (I believe that is the technical term pertaining to such matters) sweat away from your body nicely.

I am looking forward to the days (soon to come, hopefully) when I can wear it, and its companion SVR shorts, without base layers and top layers!


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