Overcrowded handlebars – a solution

The fittings that winter riding requires of you commonly include the obligatory lights, as well as the computer, bell (if the mood takes you!) and so on.  Like any horizontal surface, the tendency is for it to become filled with useful things – useful at the time, that is.  As I’ve been building my Thorn, I’ve realised that it would be much less hassle to get these things off the bars – I tend to ride either on the brake hoods or the top of the bars – and only recently have I become aware of a gadget that Thorn supply to alleviate this problem – the Thorn accessory bar.

The accessory bar arrives well packed

The accessory bar arrives well packed

Prising open the lavish packaging, the bar is a well made little steel acoutrement which fits onto the stem like a mini handlebar, really, in place of a spacer.

The Thorn Accessory Bar

The Thorn Accessory Bar

Fitting is something of a breeze – simply loosen the headset crown, loosen the stem clamp bolts, work the bars and stem off, and then replace the bottom spacer with the accessory bar, then reverse the process!!

I’ve used mine to fit my computer and my Cateye front light to, but those Thorn owners who want the twin excitements of Rohloff hub and dropped bars are supplied with one to hold the Rohloff gear shifter – which I suspect was its initial design purpose.

All installed and fitted out

All installed and fitted out

So, a bit more weight, yes undeniably.  But it’s an elegant solution to making sure that your bars are not cluttered and uncomfortable, and I like it.


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