Spring clean and a workshop

The maintenance of bicycles, to a point, is a soothing and enjoyable process.  I know my limits – they are tool-based.  I don’t possess a torque wrench at the moment, nor the kind of school metal shop items that come in handy when doing the heavier jobs such as facing off bottom brackets or cutting down steerer tubes.  I leave that kind of thing to the LBS.

It being, in a sense, spring, I have today involved myself in clearing out the garage and creating a workshop area – something I have been wanting to do for ages.  Spurred on by today’s sunshine, I set to work and got a decent area set up for the bike.

A decent workshop at last

A decent workshop at last

At last, tools can be found, bits are in boxes, and I have somewhere to work on the bike.  Bike tools are all labelled and hung up.

A decent workshop at last

A decent workshop at last

The only problem, and the one that has made the Audax build such a painful experience, has been the intense cold in the garage – I ended up doing most of it in the warmth of the living room.  But as spring eventually begins to emerge, I hope to get out here a lot more.


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