Sitting on a Thorn

What is the key contact point on a bike?  Well that’s a good question.  I would, like most cyclists, tend to measure that in terms of potential pain inflicted on rider.  The area where the greater risk of pain occurring must be in the running for a nomination.   And I would humbly put forward the saddle/buttock interface as the one where the highest potential for mischief is available.

Many cyclists who either ride a lot in terms of distance covered, or who appreciate the finer things in life, will choose a saddle made not of zero maintenance carbon, titanium and plastic, but one made from a thick hunk of rump – quality leather stretched between two points and requiring constant fettling and care in order to maintain its condition.  I count myself in this group – my honey-coloured Brooks B17 leather saddle is being exchanged for a black one to suit my new bike’s colour scheme.

Brooks again

Brooks again

I have posted on the delights of the leather saddle before – but I thought that as a Sunday ‘extra’ I would post a trio of links I have come across that might be interesting to you viz-a-viz the seating of leather style.

The first I picked up from Vic, the editor of the excellent Lazy Randonneur blog from Canada, somebody I also correspond with on the Thorn owners Forum.  This article, featured in Wired magazine, concerns a story from a lucky cyclist who managed to get a tour round the Brooks factory in Smethwick.  The second link is a feature in Wired magazine, which is more of an interesting summary of the many and manifest qualities of the Brooks product.  Finally, as it’s Sunday and I’m feeling expansive, let’s also see what the late, great Sheldon Brown had to say.

Enjoy, sitting down comfortably of course.


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