A Muffin and a Mule

I have already posted some thoughts about a recent sartorial purchase I made last week, this being of course a Shutt VR Sportwool Jersey.  What I have not at this time made public is that I snuck in another purchase of, you guessed it, another Shutt VR jersey as well.  This time, the classic no 5 – with blue, black and the red chest stripe.

In order to assuage the guilt I felt at splashing cash out on such purchases, unwearable as they are for the forseeable future for reasons of climate, I have also managed to brave the regime of cold and wet in order to get out on the bike for two very creditable rides – even if I say so myself.  Both followed the same route, branching perilously close to Norfolk at their northern extreme, and both were miraculously carried out in brief windows of truly spring-like weather.

The rides, 30 plus miles of open, glorious Suffolk countryside, demand a full bidon plus a supplementary bottle of lucozade to ensure that legs do not become empty.  And so Saturday morning’s ride gave me the chance to try out something else I received last week.

You know how, when you open a parcel from Wiggle, it is likely that a small packet of Haribos will fall out onto the carpet, producing that same small groundswell of delight that they used to all those years ago?  (Or is it just me that gets them???) – well, what should drop out of the back pocket of the Shutt jersey but a small, square Mule Bar.

Some of you reading this may already use these snacks, but of you don’t then you ought to try them. I simply considered this unexpected freebie to be

Always take your litter home

Always take your litter home

another of the legion of unpalatable, sugary snacks that manifest as ‘energy sports bars’ that are marketed to cyclists.   As it was a giveaway, I decided to try it after 15 miles, and this happened to be the point in the ride where I was forced to do a little cyclo-cross as I navigated a narrow lane towards Rickinghall, the road disappearing beneath a generous layer of frozen mud courtesy of a haulage yard and its attendant sugar beet trailers.  The taste is very palatable, the one I ate being ‘Summer Pudding’, a concoction of berry fruits that tasted of dried fruit as opposed to artificial flavouring.

As to the veracity of the ‘instant energy’ claims that all these manufacturers make, well who knows – I certainly imagine that the natural sugar in dried fruit has the ability to provide extra levels of endurance, and the taste was pleasant as well.

I shall keep my eyes open for further supplies of these – the bars are available in ‘full bar’ or ‘mega bite’ – which is what I had and what is pictured above.


2 responses

  1. Hi Paul – Glad you like the mule bar, we went through exhaustive testing to find one we liked enough to give away. The guys at Mule are great to deal with too! The bars even go well with a Nespresso expresso in the office… but not many unless we are riding, they are so chocka with calories we’d not squeeze out the door!

    Wish I had brought a few from the office this weekend. Braved the snow with my 11year old and he got peckish at 20 miles and I only had a nasty gel in my seat pack!

    Thanks again for your support, Pete

    February 21, 2010 at 8:11 pm

  2. Jnr19_ProtoBambix

    Hope the Shutt boys are giving you a nice discount Paul…! On the subject of decent home-grown bike gear, my 3/4 shorts from here; http://www.tudorsports.co.uk/ have got me thru the winter brilliantly. OK, you don’t get a quaint free gateaux with them but they are based in Lutterworth; birthplace of – me!

    February 25, 2010 at 10:05 pm

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