The spirit of revival

I have mentioned this before, and it seems to be becoming a recurring theme – the aging process precipitates increasing numbers of those ‘is it really that long ago?’ type moments – points in your life when you are talking with a friend about something that happened, as you see it, fairly recently.  Then, in a moment of inward reflection and painful realisation, you draw the mental measuring tape across the gap and realise with a sense of shock that the event being discussed actually happened a quarter of a century ago – the kind of time period that used to baffle you in school history lessons.

And so it is with all things – music, as my Motorhead article below illustrates, and indeed bicycles.  My British Eagle project from last year reminded me that the bike in question was one I had owned for around 17 years – a fair old time in anybody’s book.  And it’s interesting to see the changes in general aesthetic that have occurred in that intervening time period.

A question beloved of science correspondents whilst interviewing those lucky individuals who term themselves ‘futurologists’ concerns the prevailing aesthetic and what it will be like in ‘X’ years time.  By that, I mean the general ‘look and feel’ of life – clothes people wear, decor of the interiors of buildings, the design of cars, consumer items, the graphic design of books and magazines.  All those elements which exist singularly, but which also combine to become powerful signifiers of what we would unconsciously term ‘our time’.

Thus I have been having a good time recently reading a website dedicated to the twin themes of ‘retro’ and cycling – retrobike.

Trading under the strapline of ‘if it’s old, it’s in!’, this website contains a wealth of material ab out older bikes – mountain, road, bmx, you name it.  If it has existed happily under the big stone marked ‘cycling’ then it seems likely that this site has it covered.

Pre Brooks, but it's retro and it's lovely lugged steel!

Pre Brooks, but it's retro and it's lovely lugged steel!

It’s nice to see a site with some practical features also – the ebay watch section is excellent, it being a pre-indexed search facility for different makes and themes, displaying the resulting ebay auctions of the day.

There is also a good forum on the site – I can see I am going to have to post up some pics of the BE project here.

Quite strange to think that there are other people who think spending hours and ££££s reviving a 1980s mountain bike is a smart idea….


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