That Brooks saddle I promised you….

You never fully grow up.  As a six year-old, I can still remember the feeling of expectation when I had bought something by mail-order, typically by sending a postal order for some trifling amount accompanied by a stamped, addressed envelope for the return of the goods.

Coming home from school, I would search the day’s post and eventually find the newly arrived purchase, this event making an entire day’s suffering worthwhile.  And now, thirty-odd years later, there can be few things at once more exciting and yet frustrating than waiting for a web-purchase to be delivered.  The anticipation increases each day as the postman is spied, leading only to disappointment when another batch of junk mail flops on to the doormat.  Hence, today was a special day.

Recently, I posted about a new purchase I had made for the Orbea – well it was waiting for me at the Post Office when I got home this afternoon.  Having signed excitedly for it, I returned home and unwrapped the package.

Look what's inside!!

Look what's inside!!

So, extracting the new saddle from its box, I did the sensible thing and applied a first coat of proofide to the underside and the top.  It’s going to see some use, so I figured this was the easiest time to get the job done.

Applying the proofide

Applying the proofide

This done, and a devilishly hot chicken vindaloo cooked at the same time, I moved into the chilly depths of the garage and wrestled the bike onto the work stand, in order to remove the specialized saddle and assign it to ‘backup’ status.  I got the new saddle into place and allen keyed the seat clamp tightly, all looking good so far.

Tightening the seat clamp

Tightening the seat clamp

This done, I spent a few minutes applying some new cork bar tape I had purchased at the same time, following a Bradley Wiggins tip from the Tour last year, when I observed that the Garmin mechanics had applied two layers of bar tape to improve comfort.  It now has a rather fetching blue colour adorning the bars.  I’ll post a picture of the finished article below, and report on the riding experience either tomorrow or Saturday morning…….


One response

  1. Jnr19_ProtoBambix

    Pure saddle-porn dude.
    Your arse will never be the same…..
    Notice you’ve gone in on the Brooks ‘dubbin’ there
    – did you know if frozen Lurpak does the same job?

    January 30, 2010 at 7:05 pm

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