New Shoes, Pt II

The choice of shoe for a cyclist is increasingly becoming a muddled and confusing affair.  This is of course an issue linked inextricably back to your stance on pedals – clipless or not clipless.  The dominance of cleated pedals and shoes has now caused ‘old fashioned’ riding shoes to be pretty much a marginal product, and so a degree of searching out is required.  My stance on the issue is an old fasioned’ one and unashamedly so.  So, those of you who have been reading this blog for a while may recall a post regarding a new pair of cycling shoes that I purchased last year.

Quoc Pham is the shoemaker I eventually procured my cycling shoes from.  Based in London, he makes limited runs of flat soled cycling shoes in fine leather and with a distinctively retro feel about them.  Mine arrived last June, and have been in use ever since, although at this time of year they are hidden under a pair of Endura overshoes.  But, and I may as well fit in a running report, they have softened nicely, are comfortable to wear in the extreme, and also have additional uses.  I can cycle to the pub and wear my QP’s with jeans, and they do look good with a retro cycling shirt when the weather warms up.  But really, they are functional and that’s something they do well.  So I was interested to notice that QP has extended his range to include a rather gorgeous tan leather version, pictured below.

New Brown shoe

New tan shoe

This has hints of a vintage Dromarti kind of shoe, and I am very taken with this style.  The same shoe is now available in plain brown, patent leather (for those occasions when you have to cycle in evening dress, presumably!), black and 2-tone black.  You can buy from the website or check out the stockists as QP seems to be getting some proper distribution sorted now.  I bought mine from Mosquito who were very good.


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