something that wasn’t in my stocking this year

Amongst all the rubbish that falls on the floor when you open up a newly purchased magazine, there tends at this time of year to be some kind of calendar, normally produced on the cheap and filled with branding and subtle adverts to harangue you with throughout the following year.  However, the folks at Prendas have come up with a ‘proper’ 2010 calendar that is likely to top the ‘wants’ list of any serious cyclist. (they also sell another calendar, but we’ll leave that for another day!)

‘Les Memoires du Peloton’ is a collection of pictures of most of the roll of greats that span the last 30 odd years of road cycling.  They are photos taken by John Pierce, who with Photosport International has covered all the top drawer races, including 43 Tours de France!

I, however, must temper my desire with the knowledge that the calendar I shall be marking off for the next 12 months is produced by my daughter and her classmates from the local primary school, which is of course what I really wanted all along.


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