Prepare to Meet thy God!

There’s nothing more frightening than finding yourself heading, at speed, towards unexpected patch of ice that shouldn’t still be there.  I’ve been going quietly crazy in the last few days, having my holiday riding interrupted by snow and ice.  And so when this morning dawned bright and sunny-ish, as well as crucially being snow-free, I jumped at the chance to get the bike out of the garage and ride.

And so I found myself picking gingerly through the village for the first quarter mile, trying to get the measure of the road conditions.  Generally, the roads were ok.  But with mini glacial moraines littering the roads where the ice had melted, you have to be careful, and glare from the sun on the wet roads is another thing I hadn’t budgeted for.  A couple of times I did pass over what turned out to be a small patch of remaining ice, which quickens the pulse.  The other slightly frightening thing I encountered was the building pictured below –

Fire and Brimstone anybody?

Finningham Chapel tries out new friendly advertising to boost attendance

I managed 30 miles today, this being the valedictory ride to see off Christmas.  The excesses of the past few days needed putting to bed, and I was yearning for the feel good effects of fresh air.  I did a long sweep north towards the Norfolk border, which was easier because the wind was behind me most of the way.  Only as I turned south at Finningham did I realise what a breeze there was – this road is open and lengthy and so you suffer whatever the weather, plus there are a few ups and downs to keep it interesting.

The final couple of miles is also subtly up hill, which was a nice way to finish.  If the weather’s good tomorrow then I hope to get out again, with stiff legs after the long break.  Unless it snows tonight…..


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