a big mileage report from the north-west

Being a cyclist is not always the easiest of causes.  As I sit and look out of the window, a vista confronts me that would not look out-of-place on a Christmas card – inches of snow lay everywhere.  This confounds my overwhelming desire to get out on my bike and enjoy the sunshine.  It also increases the guilt I feel, knowing that in the last year I have notched up 36,000 miles driving a car in the course of my job.  However, it is possible to make a bike the centre of your life, given a sensible occupation and location.

Regular browsers of this blog may be aware of a post made some months ago by my pal Mark, advising the cycling fraternity of his latest acquisition, which formed part of a landmark carbon reduction deal wherein he sold his ageing Mondeo and used the money to purchase a Thorn Raven Sport, geared by the fabulous Rohloff Hub.

The Thorn when brand new, and not muddy

The Thorn when brand new, and not muddy

Well, as the year and indeed the decade approach their zenith, Mark has reported back on his progress to date.

3200 miles on from new

3200 miles on from new

So, in his own words and pictures, I will let Mark regale you with the headline statistics pertaining to his year of commuting –  which has saved the world 960kg of carbon emissions in the process!

No. of miles 3200 plus
Brooks B17 saddle/sore arse ratio 1/.00000027 [same result for the Ergon GR2 bar grips/sore hands category].
No. of punctures in 1st 2000 miles 0
No. of punctures after opening of the annual hedge trimming season 7. [1 broken glass (Budweiser bottle), 1 razor-sharp stone & 5 thorns.] *ironic!
Eccentric bottom bracket adjustments for chain tightening 7 [every 3 weeks on average.]
Sets of brake pads used 3 [KoolStops being by far the best]
No. of peeved roadies left with “..i’ve just been burnt off by a twat on a hub-bike” look on their faces 125
No. of times openly mocked by BMX’ers 5
Number of times during the 3200 miles, that owning another derailleur bike, ever, have been considered 0
mud, glorious mud!

mud, glorious mud!

he promises to clean it now!

he promises to clean it now!


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