a funny thing happened on the way to norfolk….

Today’s ride was what I would call the first truly winter ride of this winter.  I fitted in a 32-mile road ride this morning, the freezing fog having dissipated overnight to leave a cold but still and partly sunny morning.

Striking out on a route that took me up to the Norfolk border in the north, I braved the hazards of wet roads, muddy stretches where the beet harvesting has been going on, and on the way back the problem of a low sun glaring off the wet roads.

However, one really strange thing occurred.  I confess I had a moment’s lack of concentration as I approached a busy crossroads which did not give me right of way – I realised at the last minute and pulled on the 105’s which stopped me safely.  That’s not the strange thing though – just as I had finished swearing and set off (safely) across the road, the mobile rang.  I pulled over and answered it, to be asked by a young lady whether I was still intending on using my 10.30 pm reservation at her restaurant in London.

“So you’re not Mrs Short then?”

She enquired.  I said that in the great scheme of things, I was not.  And that was that.  I continued.

back in the workshop

back in the workshop

The bike is about to get a cleaning as a result, and my new DHB water proof oveshoes got a good first workout.  I was also road testing a couple of other items of winter clothing – my Walz woolen cap, and a new jersey.

The cap, with its ear flaps and floppy peak, proved an absolute life saver.  The wind chill this morning would have numbed my whole head, but I returned feeling completely comfortable.  Full marks to the guys at Walz for coming up with the idea.  I picked the up Buff last summer as one of a set of three different colours.  Again, a life saver in this weather.  I have a pair of Sealskinz waterproof gloves which are normally well on top of the job, but today there were moments where the ends of my fingers were beginning to feel numb.  Anyway, a long and hugely enjoyable ride which has had the effect of lifting my spirits and also giving me a sense of entitlement to eating and drinking next week!  Off to get the hot water and Muc-Off ready for a good bike wash!


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