when we want that final push over the hill…….

In my younger years, specifically the ones where I was relatively  recently employed, had gained a modicum of respectability and was consequently no longer prone to ending a night out either scraping the remains of an upside down pizza off a Huddersfield pavement or sitting in an illegal blues club too scared to take the long walk to the gents,  a typical evening’s social activity would conclude with me forcing my guests to watch a crackly VHS copy of Spinal Tap, even if they had manifestly endured the same experience many times before.  The unlucky ones also had to sit through the four hour sci-fi epic that is Dune, but that’s another story.

The sheer ripeness and fertility that Tap represented in terms of endlessly repeatable cliches and lines was the main thing.  It inspired in myself and my pals the same kind of feeling that you got when, aged 12, you went to school trying to remember all the funniest quotes from ‘Not the Nine O’Clock News‘.  Eminently quotable, messrs St Hubbins, Tuffnell and Smalls committed to celluloid some of the greatest thoughts ever had in the rock ‘n’ roll arena, if that doesn’t sound to you like an oxymoron.

The inspired freak-out when Nigel Tuffnell is confronted by pre-gig catering in some Des Moines University dressing room, causing him to complain that ‘I’ve been working with these things for a while now….’, before showing his bemused manager that the salami folds over the bread, rather than vice-versa, still gets a laugh.  And so it was that, while browsing the Prendas site recently, I was confronted by a new garment of such relevance that I was immediately moved to click on the ‘add to basket’ button.

Celebrating the release of the new 11-speed Campagnolo cassette, the guys at Prendas have thought laterally and linked in one of Tuffnell’s greatest lines, the famous scene where he is showing film maker Marti Di Bergi around his vast guitar collection (‘don’t even look at that one….no, you’ve seen enough!’) – when he proudly pulls up his Marshall amp and points out that the volume ‘goes up to eleven’. Click the previous sentence’s link if you’re totally bemused by this post, although even that probably won’t bring you up to speed…..

I look forward to having some conversations over a beer or two once I am sporting said garment, along the lines of ‘why couldn’t they just have 10 cogs, and make 10 smaller?‘…….


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